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Is the Fluoride in Tap Water Safe?

In 1960, it was recommended that fluoride be added to tap water. The idea behind the addition of this mineral in the water supply was to prevent tooth decay. While fluoride has some benefit to promoting tooth health, its effectiveness has been called into question. It disrupts the pure quality of water and can have some detrimental effects to the body at some levels.

The main reason for adding fluoride to tap water was to allow for better dental hygiene. It is thought that fluoride builds enamel on the teeth and therefore can eliminate tooth decay. While there are many studies that promote this idea stating that fluoride provides as much as 25 percent reduction of tooth decay, according to, others find these tests inaccurate.

Along with these supporting studies is a range of naysayers that cite that there is no evidence to these statistics. Many scientists believe that the level of fluoride in tap water is not enough to develop enamel on the teeth, according to Harvard Public Health. They say that the use of toothpaste with the mineral provide more health benefits than if someone were to drink copious amounts of water with fluoride in it.

What Is Fluoride?

Despite the negativity, fluoride is still a main component in tap water today. Many people don’t understand exactly what fluoride is and how it can adverse effects on the very water that you drink. Fluoride in its most natural state is defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a drug. While it can be used to prevent disease, the body has no need for fluoride in regular doses through tap water.

Sodium fluoride, as it properly known, has actually been used as roach poison for many years, according to Mercola. Today, fluoride is touted for its dental benefits, yet you cannot purchase it over-the-counter in any capacity. Fluoride is actually dispensed through a doctor prescription, making one wonder about its safety in the water supply.

The FDA has even banned the use of fluoride drops and tablets for consumption as cavity prevention as it has found no proof that they are safe or effective in their use. The FDA has urged manufacturers of fluoride to cease producing the drug in tablet and drop form, stating that this will actually protect millions of children in the process.

Even with the warnings from the FDA, cities, and municipalities continue to flood fluoride in their township’s water supplies. Regardless, the danger for children is present as well as for adults with this fluoride infiltration.

Why Is Fluoride Dangerous?

Fluoride can have detrimental and dangerous effects on the body when ingested. It is assumed safe in toothpaste because it is not swallowed in high doses and is only applied to the teeth, according to the Campaign for Dental Health. Fluoride ingestion from tap water can impact brain development in a negative way. It can stunt learning development and create behavioral disorders, according to Mercola.

There has been a range of studies that support the claim of lower IQ scores from the fluoride ingestion or exposure. As many as 30 laboratories have confirmed that fluoride causes memory and learning impairment, which was readily apparent in the rats and mice they studied, as described by Mercola.

Mercola also reported that fluoride exposure is also linked to hypothyroidism and has been prescribed by some doctors as a drug to reduce overactive thyroid function. The report continues by showing that even worse is fluoride’s capability to reduce insulin production and the breakdown of glucose in the body even at the low levels that are found in tap water.

Fluoride has also been known to cause cancer, reduce bone density, and create pineal gland damage, especially in children, as reported by Mercola. There is a great deal of supporting evidence into the dangers of fluoride in tap water, yet cities are still investing resources to supplement water supplies with the mineral in an attempt to reduce dental decay.

A Pure Water Alternative

Some would say that communities are being unnecessarily drugged by fluoride and have little choice in whether they want or need to consume it. To experience a pure alternative to tap water, try Le Bleu water. It contains zero contaminants and is your natural alternative to tap water that has been infused with the dangerous fluoride drug. Le Bleu is made from only hydrogen and oxygen to give you the purest, cleanest, drinkable water possible. Add Le Bleu to your home or office and experience the difference in water quality.

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